There are tons of good Forex brokers out on the web, but only a very few really innovative brokers that have their customers’ best interests in mind. FXDD ( is one of these. One of the first things that you will notice about this site is that they appeal to customers all around the world. There are separate sections for U.S. traders and international traders, and this is a great way to help you customize your experience and get the best deals based upon where you live and the regulations covering your area.

The site is very easy to use and presents you with a few options for getting started. Once you create an account and fund it, you can download the site’s desktop software platform right to your computer, or you can just apply your FXDD account info to your MetaTrader 4 platform and trade right from there. If you are interested in simplicity, this latter option will be your best bet. MetaTrader 4 is a very complete package and allows you to trade right from the graphs and data that you will need to make informed decisions. Also, if you use the MT4 software (which is free to download), you can apply trading robots and EAs without any trouble at all. You certainly don’t have to do this, but it does make life easier and present a few extra trading opportunities for you.

If you’re new to trading, this site is perfect. They have a demo account that has no extra cost to open, and you can spend the time you need to learn the ropes here, practicing, figuring out trading strategies, and get a good feel for both the platform and the nature of Forex trading itself. Everyone that trades should use a demo account in some capacity, even if you’re a seasoned professional. It’s a great place to test out hypothetical theories and solidify your methods in order to minimize the risk of loss. You will lose out on trades once in a while, but the more you can do to alleviate this threat, the better. FXDD knows that the longer you stay with them, the more money they will create, so it’s in everyone’s interest for you to be as profitable as possible.

FXDD even has features that apply to the big names in Forex trading. If you are a money manager or a hedge fund operator, there are plenty of things that you will like about FXDD. They have top notch technology, allowing you to focus mainly on your trading, and less on the logistics. What’s even better than this is that professionals can sometimes get better spreads than individual traders, allowing them to cut down on costs for their clients and make even more money. It will only be a few pennies here and there, but make tens of thousands of trades every year, and this adds up very quickly. There is also extensive customer support available–and this goes for institutional and individual traders alike.

Another thing that you may wish to take advantage of is that FXDD isn’t restricted to just currency trading. Thanks to their certifications, you can also trade a select few commodities from their site, including crude oil and some precious metals. This uses the same platform, and if you have some expertise in this area, you can simply use your knowledge of how to use the FXDD software, just apply it to a different asset. It’s actually a quite seamless transition and increases the amount of trading you can do with a single broker. You can also use Toms EA on FXDD.