You’ve found the last stop before you go ahead and purchase Tom’s EA. We will break down all the major aspects right here. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the purchase or not. What we want to do is help you get a better feel for what are getting or missing out on. We know there are a lot of Forex EA’s on the market, so finding one that works isn’t that easy. You’ll discover in no time, that this is much different than any of the other software program out there.

A Breakdown of How it Works

Toms EA is Ready for DownloadThere are two main reasons for having an automation software at your disposal:
1. Make money with out any interaction with the market.
2. Have a way to make money for a long period of time.

There are a lot of EA’s that may work for a few weeks, but all of the sudden, they turn around and bite you. See, with Toms EA, there are years of data that show you the real power of this long term trading strategy with real money. The results aren’t on a fixed demo account.

Without going into a lot of details, it’s important to understand that you can trade this with different risk levels. This will allow you to limit your drawdown as much as you want. This EA loves drawdown and expects it. It wants to see bigger gains when markets reverse. This is where the power lies. It gives you access to the market in both directions, no matter what is happening. It also allows you to trade multiple currencies at the same time. As soon as you understand these aspects of the EA, you will really start to embrace it.

What Do You Get with the Software?

After you make your purchase, you’ll then have access to the download center. This area is where you can download Tom’s EA and then set it up on your computer. Depending on how you pay, you will then become a member for life. The instructions on setup are also given to you in both document and video form. You should really look over them before you commit to your settings. This is where you can adjust your risk level. You can always change this as you progress, but it’s best to maintain the default settings if you can.

VPS Connection

Another method of trading this EA, is by using a VPS server. They are not that expensive and it will allow you continuous fast connections without having to worry about anything happening to your home PC. This guarantees you better up-time. You can also have direct broker connectivity if it is allowed. This will let you trade directly on the broker server. This is the ideal solution if you have this type of access.

How do I get the Tom’s EA Download?

As we mentioned above, all you have to do is make payment and you’ll then gain access to the download section. Once you have everything installed you really don’t have to worry about anything else.
Pay Monthly

Cost of Toms EA

This is the question on a lot of people’s mind when they are looking to buy an EA. The great thing about the cost of Tom’s EA, is that you have multiple options. The best deal is purchasing the whole thing up front for $1,997. Once this payment is made, you’re in for good, no questions asked. If paying this much upfront is too much, you can pay in three installments of $832. If you do the math, this is way more than the one-time payment. However, if you’re still on the fence, you can pay an up front cost of $250 and then pay $97 every month after. You’re also given the opportunity to pay the one time payment after 60 days if this appeals to you. Not having a payment is a good thing, and it should be something for you to consider.

Tom’s EA on MyFXBook

If you haven’t seen the results and performance reports then here is a site that gives you up to the minute data. You can tell how well this package is doing from this. Myfxbook is a third party tool that ties into metatrader accounts for purposes like this.

This may not give you all the stats, but it does show you where it stands from 2011 until the present.

Do You Recommend a Forex Broker?

Depending on where you are located in the world, and as long as you have access to and MT4 or Metatrader broker, you’ll be fine almost anywhere. We also suggest you get a broker that allows bigger leverage and allows you to hedge. This will give you access to both sides of the market. There are tons of brokers that do this. This FXDD broker review will give you a bit more information to get started.

How is the Customer Service?

Here is why Toms EA really stands out. The customer service they provide is top notch. You can even talk to someone on the phone. Although setup is pretty simple, if you’re having an issue, you will get the help required. No matter which payment plan you are on, you’re always going to get the latest software updates as well. These don’t come often, but when they do, the automatic updater will take care of it for you. Software has come a long way and it doesn’t get much better than easy updates. We all want the latest and greatest, right?

If you’re on the fence with this purchase, we hope this review helped you get a better understanding. We’ve tested the software in the past and it is awesome. We think you should at least give it the 60 days of no risk usage on a demo account. Should you not like it, you can ask for a refund. It’s that simple. You can find the sales page right here.